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The Hunger Remake Will Update Tony Scott’s Vampire Classic at Warner Bros.

Posted 2021/05/23 2 0


Warner Bros announced that they will be sinking their teeth into a remake of The Hunger, an 80’s erotic vampire cult classic starring the late singer, David Bowie. The original erotic tale of the undead, which was directed by Tony Scott, co-starred Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve, was released in 1983 and became an instant cult classic due to its lavish, stylized appearance in a time when Gothic fashion and lifestyles were just starting to come to the fore. The movie was based on a Whitley Strieber novel of the same name, although it was a very loose adaptation.

While still in very early stages, Deadline reported that Angela Robinson, director of D.E.B.S. (and is no stranger to blood-sucking fiends as director on an episode of True Blood)- as well as executively producing and writing for the series) is close to signing on to helm the movie, while American Horror Story scribe Jessica Sharzer is on board as writer.

The original story centred on Miriam Blaylock, played by Deneuve, as the last vampire in a race that had survived millennia through drinking the blood of an endless stream of victims. While attempting to give immortality to her lovers, the bloodsucker continually fails to prevent their aging and sees them spiral into an undead state of living. When her latest lover begins to grow older, she finds a blood scientist to help her perfect her gift of never-ending youth.

Whether the new remake of this Tony Scott classic decides to expand upon the use of the original novel, or simply takes its lead from the movie remains to be seen, but as with most remakes there will be plenty of questions of whether it is needed. If they decide to delve further into the novel, then it could be argued that while the original version will still hold a place in many bleeding hearts, this would also be a richer and more fulfilling adaptation for those familiar with the Strieber text.

The original movie was expected to spawn at least one sequel, with an open-ending being forced into the movie by the studio, but with a heap of criticism around plot and pacing and despite its unique visuals, which Bowie said were “like nothing else out there” at the time, the option for a second outing never came about.

Despite this, the movie was able to become popular with the rise of Goth culture, and also serves as inspiration for the late 90s series of the same name. The series, created by Jeff Fazio, was linked to the movie only by its themes of obsession, lust and the supernatural, but also featured two episodes direct by Scott, as well as appearances by Bowie as each episode’s “host” during its second and final season.

News of the remake comes hot on the heels of reports of a new Pet Sematary sequel heading into production, proving that while new ideas in the horror genre are hard to come by, there is always something old that can be dug up and given a new life.

How will this newest remake fare? The Hunger already has a large following, partially down to the involvement of the much missed David Bowie, and just like the announcement of an upcoming sequel to Labyrinth in the works, anything that replaces the singer’ original character interpretation needs to prepare to take some harsh comparison criticism if not done just right. This news originated at Deadline.


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