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Ultimate Trailer Reveals Release Date for Remastered Game

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A wealth of Sonic the Hedgehog information was made at yesterday’s Sonic Central Event. One of the highlights was the reveal of Sonic Colors: Ultimate. A trailer was the tool used to break the news to the public. The title will be a remake of Sonic Colors, first released in 2010. Updates to the first version were apparent in the trailer.

The original saw the beloved video game character go on a journey to save an alien species known as the Wisps. Along the way, he came into conflict with his arch nemesis: The evil Dr. Eggman. The game’s primary setting was an amusement park created by the mad scientist. Players will have the opportunity to relive the experience with the remake. In addition to the game itself, there will be a cartoon tie-in. The series, titled Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps, comes out in the summer of this year. Fortunately, fans will not have to wait a lengthy period of time for the video game. The end of the trailer reveals a release date of September 7th, 2021. Equally positive is that fans are able to preorder the game right now.

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Developing duties are being performed by Blind Squirrel Entertainment. The company is best recognized for their AAA HD remasters of beloved series. The franchises they have done remasters for include BioShock, Borderlands, and Mass Effect. All three properties have games that have received critical acclaim. If the business had made critically panned titles, or had no experience in gaming at all, than there might be cause for concern. However, the company has worked with making updates to iconic franchises. Their experience seems to point to Sonic being in good hands.

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Something apparent in the trailer are the game’s gorgeous graphics. A tagline in the video states, “Things are back and better than ever.” The quality of the graphics appears to make that sentence true in this case. As time goes on, remakes are able to show better visuals than those that came with their respective original titles. Remakes generally do more than updating the imagery. Likeliness exists for different changes made to Sonic Colors: Ultimate. More announcements for the game are to be expected. Sonic’s first game was released in 1991. A celebration honoring the franchise’s 30th anniversary is coming soon. There will likely be an increase of information available relating to the remake.

It wasn’t too long ago that things were looking down for the blue hedgehog. A number of titles in the series were critically and commercially failures. The 2006 remake of the original received awful reviews. One aspect that many remember for that entry was the creepy love story between a hedgehog and a human. Also, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was considered another low point in the franchise. While it did spawn a great animated series, the game itself was noticeable for its multitude of bugs and glitches.

While aspects seemed negative previously, recent years have seen an increase in quality for the multimedia entity. The announcement for the upcoming remake of Sonic Colors seems to be another in a long line of evidence to suggest the Blue Blur is experiencing a comeback. A remake of a popular entry in the franchise is coming soon. As previously mentioned, there was an acclaimed cartoon based on a game that did not perform as well. Sonic the Hedgehog the movie performed well at the box office. Sony’s Sonic Mania received positive reviews and seemed to satisfy audiences, as well. To celebrate the anniversary, an entirely new game is bound to happen. Things have not looked brighter for the future of the video game icon in a long time.

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