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Viggo Mortensen Unites with Buckethead & Skating Polly for His Falling Soundtrack

Posted 2021/01/28 9 0


Viggo Mortensen has officially announced the soundtrack for his directorial debut Falling, which finds him collaborating with iconic guitarist Buckethead, along with a theme song from ugly pop legends Skating Polly. Called Music for Falling, the score will be available this Friday. Today, we have a special music video from Falling featuring the Skating Polly song ‘A Little Late’.

Viggo Mortensen is perhaps best known for his role as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He has been nominated for Best Actor on three separate occasions, the first time in 2008 for Eastern Promises, then in 2017 for Captain Fantastic and lastly in 2019 for his lead performance in the Oscar winning drama Green Book. He is an accomplished photographer and musician. Now, he makes his directorial debut with the emotional and impactful new drama Falling. Helping to bring this work to life on the big screen is a soundtrack that Viggo Mortensen himself put together. He collaborated with guitar legend Buckethead for the score, and has brought in Ugly Pop icons Skating Polly for the theme song.

Falling follows John (Viggo Mortensen) who lives with his partner, Eric (Terry Chen), and their daughter, Mónica (Gabby Velis), in California, far from the traditional rural life he left behind years ago, while his conservative father, Willis (Lance Henriksen), lives alone on the isolated farm where John grew up. In the early stages of dementia, Willis is brought to John’s California home to help him relocate. Unfortunately, their best intentions ultimately run up against Willis’s adamant refusal to change his way of life in the slightest.

Viggo Mortensen, who was once married to X singer Exene Cervenka, is a longtime musician who has been collaborating with Buckethead for a quarter of a century. So it made sense to the actor to bring in the famed guitarist in the chicken bucket for the Falling soundtrack. Viggo has this to say about the music they have created together.

“I’ve had the profound pleasure of collaborating with legendary guitar player Buckethead for almost 25 years. Among the many recordings we have made are the soundtracks for two movies: Lisandro Alonso’s “Jauja” from 2014 and “Falling”, which will be released on the 5th of February. The soundtrack record “Music For Falling”, which features all of the music from the movie, including longer versions of several of the compositions, will be released through Tunecore this Friday, the 29th of January.”

“As has always been the case when Buckethead and I have joined forces to play together, the recording of the soundtrack material by our long-time recorder and mixer Travis Dickerson was made in a very relaxed yet efficient manner. The compositions had been well-prepared, so we only needed two days to record all of the soundtrack material. The mixing and mastering also was accomplished in short order. I’ve known Travis even longer with Buckethead, and he has been part of all the recordings we have made over the years. The three of us have always communicated well and been inspired by each other.”

Along with Buckethead, Viggo Mortensen also brought in the duo of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse for the Falling theme ‘A Little Late’. The song actually appeared on their 2014 album Fuzz Steilacoom, but it fit in nicely with Falling. Sisters, and Oklahoma natives, Bighorse and Mayo have worked extensively with Exene Cervenka. Viggo says this about using the Skating Polly track for the end credits.

“Being able to count with Skating Polly’s remarkable song “A Little Late” for our soundtrack was a blessing. The sister members of Skating Polly, Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, recorded that song originally for their 2014 album Fuzz Steilacoom, but it sounds like it was made for “Falling”. The piano playing and the song’s lyrics tie in to the movie’s story and original soundtrack in an uncanny way.”

Viggo Mortensen’s son Henry Blake Mortensen has shot and directed a new documentary about Skating Polly called Ugly Pop which is finished and may get released sometime this year. Mortensen says that his production banner Perceval Pictures is releasing the movie, and they are currently looking at ways to promote it, suggesting that it could wind up at film festivals soon. About the soundtrack getting into the hands of his fans, he says this.

“I hope listeners will be transported and moved by “Music For Falling” as we were during the process of preparing and recording these songs.”

The Falling Soundtrack Music for Falling will be available Friday, January 29th, On Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Falling opens in Theaters, On Digital & On Demand February 5th.


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