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Villain Clip Unleashes the Fury of Craig Fairbrass in a Brutal Fight [Exclusive]

Posted 2020/05/20 0

Saban Films has provided us with an intense, exclusive clip from their upcoming Villain. The crime thriller has received praise from critics after premiering earlier this year in the U.K. The strong cast delivers powerful, and sometimes, very violent performances, which we have a tease of today. Saban Films will release the crime thriller Villain On Demand and Digital, starting May 22nd, 2020.

In the exclusive clip from Villain, we see a bloodbath unfold before our eyes. A tense argument suddenly turns violent, with one man left standing, or in this case, laying on the ground trying to catch his breath. Villain does not look like it is for the faint of heart, so consider yourself warned. While the bad language has been edited out of the clip, the violence has not, and it’s brutal, especially since the clip is just under two minutes in length.

After being released from prison, ex-con Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass) wants nothing more than to start a new life in Villain. However, his dreams of normalcy are tested when he learns of his brother’s dangerous debt to a menacing drug lord. To protect his family, Eddie is forced to go back to his former life of crime and learns that stepping back into this world can have devastating consequences in this action-packed thriller.

Fairbrass read the script for Villain and was immediately taken with the project and wanted to be a part of it. “There was so much going on psychologically,” the actor says. Taking on the role of Eddie Franks was a perfect fit for the 6′ 3″ ex-boxing trainer and former security guard. His life pretty much set him up for the role of the Eddie Franks.

Star Craig Fairbrass enjoyed working with Villain director Philip Barantini. “He is a lovely human being. Very wonderful to be around, very put together, very calm,” says the actor. Fairbrass has over 80 acting credits to his name, so he definitely knows his way around a movie set and has gone through some good and bad experiences during the collaborative experience. “You should always admit when you’re wrong, and you should always admit when you’re right,” he says, which is a good way of working with just about anybody.

Craig Fairbrass also wants potential viewers to know that there’s a lot more going under the surface of Villain. “Don’t judge it by the poster. There’s a lot more going on with this movie than you’d expect based off the artwork. It’s quite artistic, even beautiful,” the veteran actor says. The movie stars Craig Fairbrass (Cliffhanger), George Russo (My Name is Lenny), Izuka Hoyle (Mary Queen of Scots), Mark Monero (Sid and Nancy), and Robert Glenister (Doctor Who). The film is directed by Philip Barantini (Boiling Point) from a script by George Russo (My Name is Lenny) and Greg Hall (The Plague). You can check out our exclusive clip from Villain above.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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