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Why You’re Next 2 Never Happened According to Seance Director Simon Barrett

Posted 2021/05/23 14 0


Today filmmaker Adam Wingard is best known for the success of his latest directorial venture, Godzilla vs. Kong. But Wingard got his start on a much smaller scale. Back in 2011, the filmmaker teamed up with writer Simon Barrett to make the slash horror feature You’re Next.

The movie had its world premiere at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness program and quickly developed a cult following. Unfortunately, You’re Next was not received as warmly at the box office, grossing a little more than $26 million. In an interview with THR, Simon Barrett explained that their tentative plans for a You’re Next sequel were quickly extinguished by the first one’s limp box-office performance.

“We’re hoping to work with [You’re Next lead actress] Sharni [Vinson] again soon on something, so maybe we’ll call her character Erin in that film and people can try to figure out what her intervening decade must have been. The full answer is, after You’re Next sold but before it was released in theaters – which was a two-year process due to some corporate changes at Lionsgate at that time – we talked a bit about making a sequel if the film was successful. I think we had some cool ideas, but like with The Guest, You’re Next was never originally intended to have a sequel. We were excited to make one if there was any interest, but I never actually wrote anything down. Adam and I just bounced some ideas around, and then when the movie flopped, I was glad I hadn’t done any actual work.”

You’re Next tells the story of a family reunion at a vacation home in rural Missouri. Things quickly unravel when the entire family is attacked by a group of animal-mask-wearing assassins. Erin, played by Sharni Vinson, embarks on a desperate quest to escape her attackers and get help, but discovers a horrifying secret that turns the events of the entire evening on their head.

While fans will be disappointed to learn that a sequel to You’re Next is probably never going to happen, Barrett and Wingard have plenty of other projects to keep them occupied. These include reboots of both Face/Off and ThunderCats, and a new horror film Seance that has been written and directed by Barrett. According to the freshly-minted filmmaker, he chose Seance to be his directorial debut because it was a small enough project to allow producers to take a chance on a first-time director.

“Seance was a small-enough film that I thought people would be willing to take a chance on me, in terms of the budget, and ultimately, that turned out to be true. To be honest, I don’t have any other projects. If you asked me, “What’s your next film?” I would say that I’m still writing it. I only feel good about my latest work, and Seance was something that I wrote to direct while we were doing Blair Witch. And from that point on, I was determined to get it made even though I rewrote it about 50 times. So it was written for that purpose, and I really wanted to see it get to the screen.”

This news originated at The Hollywood Reporter.


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