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Zack Snyder Pitched a Female Version of The Wrestler to Amy Adams

Posted 2021/05/27 8 0


Zack Snyder is not one to rest on his laurels, and in his latest interview he has revealed that while filming Justice League, he pitched the idea of a female version of The Wrestler to star Amy Adams. And according to the director, she was very interested in the idea.

Interviewed in The Telegraph, Zack Snyder explained that he had been thinking about a story that was inspired by the 2008 Darren Aronofsky movie. The acclaimed drama starred Mickey Rourke as a faded and jaded professional wrestler who is forced into retirement, but finds it impossible to find a purpose beyond the ring. Turning the story focus onto a female lead, Snyder seemed to think that Adams, who has appeared as Lois Lane in all three of Snyder’s DC based movies, would be perfect for the demanding training that would be involved, as she is very focused when it comes to her acting.

“It’s a kind of female version of The Wrestler, about a midwestern housewife who happens to have a pretty good body, and starts to do some bodybuilding competitions, and then falls down a rabbit hole of steroids and hormones. It becomes a contest between fitness and family, and she loses her family because she’s spending all her money on diet supplements and drugs and trainers, and all of that stuff.”

Speaking about his reason for wanting Amy Adams for the project, he added it was, “because it would be such a hugely hard job just training to the point at which it was believable. And you need someone like Amy who loves the craft to do it.”

He was questioned on whether his female take on The Wrester originated in his recent experience with Warner Bros., and the ups and downs he faced while being effectively locked out of the superhero genre with the studio’s lack of commitment towards his intended trilogy of Justice League movies.

“It’s hard to say what else is left for these films to do. But as a genre, it has a lot going for it. It holds up a mirror to us, it speaks to the best in us, it offers a moral tale in most cases, it has high stakes, it can be multicultural, its stories can feel universal. And it’s pure wish-fulfillment too. I mean, Superman can fly. That alone is incredibly compelling.”

Despite fans of Snyder having a big hand in his Justice League cut finally making it to screen, it would take something short of miraculous about face by Warner Bros. for the director to be involved in the franchise going forward, and with a new Superman also in the works, it is no surprise that he is thinking about where his path may lie beyond the capes and superpowers.

Snyder has been recently discussing a number of potential genres that he hasn’t covered yet, including the unlikely combination of region and porn, but regardless of where he goes next, with his Army of Darkness currently streaming on Netflix, the Synder Cut of Justice League still available on HBO Max and a number of other potential projects in the works, it is unlikely that he is going to be taking it easy any time soon. This story originated from The Telegraph.


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